The Analysis of Rock Surface Asperities

  • Dalibor Martisek
  • Jana Prochazkova
Keywords: surface roughness, rock surface analysis, datum plane, wave analysis, tilt angle, Linderberg-Levi theorem


The analysis of rock surface is commonly used in technical practice. The nature discontinuity rocks are often represented by specific degree of roughness. This value has the significant effect on the rock slope stability. It is defined by the asperities and the computation is based on the visual comparison of discontinuity traces or discontinuity surfaces with standard two-dimensional graphs. The visual comparison is a subjective method, so that we propose novel method for roughness-angles analysis. Our method consists of the application of cosine Fourier series. We tested the method on the sample of limestone. The article also describes the method Surface from Focus that reconstruct the 3D surface from a set of partially focused images.


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